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What You Gonna Do About It

8 thoughts on “ What You Gonna Do About It

  1. Aracage says:
    What You Gonna Do? Lyrics: It's a Hell Up in Harlem, fuckit, another day / Another dollar, wake up, to the barking from the Rottweilers / Pull the collars, make em sit for the Godfather / Then I.
  2. Majar says:
    Jul 31,  · / Now, what you gonna do with it?” So whether it's a dig at celebrities with a big platform who don't use it for good or a call to action for them to use their platform positively, the track is a good reminder to critically think about the messages you're being sent via social media and other online outlets. Photo: Getty Images.
  3. Mezill says:
    Whatcha gonna do 'bout it Whatcha gonna do 'bout it You know I try to keep you satisfied But you just won't comprehend And if you keep on doin', doin' what you're doin' You know our love will.
  4. Nagul says:
    “WHAT YOU GONNA DO???” is a diaprepjurmaitasfamaggeiconsebiwhe.coinfo World Premiere, which means you can hear it all throughout the day on Thursday July 30, right here and on the diaprepjurmaitasfamaggeiconsebiwhe.coinfo app.
  5. Dalar says:
    With their new single "“WHAT YOU GONNA DO???", Bastille deliver a fuzz rock curveball to knock us off our social media blitz and make us pay attention.
  6. Shatilar says:
    Walk back up briskly, as it's usually said to your receding back after you've told a rubbish person to stop something, Reply, “ It would be stupid to warn you in advance. You’ll just have to be patient”. You could point out the things that you know are relevant to revenge, like you know their.
  7. Yoshakar says:
    Aug 03,  · What you gonna do about it meme Q~Q - Duration: Night's Legacy 3, views. Muffins in the freezer [ Gacha life meme] - Duration: Shadow Kristxn 14, views.

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